Manufacturer: Elementis Specialties Inc.

Ingredient Type: Additive

Function: Pigment Dispersing Agent


NUOSPERSE FA 196 is a highly concentrated liquid pigment dispersing agent for application in organic solvent-borne systems. NUOSPERSE FA 196 is especially recommended for application as a dispersing agent for carbon black, for thermoplastic acrylic systems and as an auxiliary product to improve the action of universal tinting pastes in basic alkyd paints.


These are typical properties not to be used for specification purposes.


NUOSPERSE FA 196 is applicable in practically all organic solvent-borne paint and ink systems e.g., oxidatively drying systems, and thermoplastic systems.


As a dispersing agent for carbon black
An addition of ca. 1 % of NUOSPERSE FA 196, calculated on the total quantity of the milling paste improves the colouring power and counteracts flocculation of various types of carbon black. NUOSPERSE FA 196 must be added before the dispersing process.

As a pigment dispersing agent in thermoplastic acrylic systems and in non-aqueous dispersions
In both of the above mentioned systems, NUOSPERSE FA 196 gives the following advantages:

  • Higher gloss
  • Better colouring power
  • Better and quicker dispersion

The product must be applied at a dosage of ca. 1.0 % calculated on the milling paste, before the dispersing process.

As an auxiliary product to improve the performance of universal tinting pastes in standard alkyd paint
NUOSPERSE FA 196 forms a bridge between the alkyd paint and the universal tinting paste, which results in better flow, colouring power, gloss and stability.
The required dosage of NUOSPERSE FA 196 is 0.2 – 0.4 % calculated on the total quantity of alkyd paint.

As a wetting agent in paint removers and brush cleaners
NUOSPERSE FA 196 improves the penetration of the paint remover into the paint layer and of the brush cleaner into the brush. We recommend a dosage of 2 – 6 % calculated on the total amount of the paint remover or brush cleaner.

As a wetting agent in universal pigment dispersions
Pigment dispersions based on NUOSPERSE FA 196 in combination with NUOSPERSE FN 265 are used for the shading of various coatings, such as dispersion paints and alkyd paints etc. Normally up to 10% of the pigment slurry may be added to the coating.

As a wetting / dispersing agent in solvent based inks
Pigment dispersions based on NUOSPERSE FA 196 provide the following advantages:

  • Better pigment wetting
  • Better colour strength
  • Better flow

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