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An Experienced International Player for Supply Specialty Chemicals

About  Santez Group

Santez Group was established in 2013 with an expert commercial and technical team to service in chemical analysis, chemical formulation identification, development and manufacturing consulting. In 2020 Santez Group change its service and focus on supply chemicals from Iran for FullTech Company (Located in Erbil, Iraq).

As a result of these activities and a reliable network of suppliers and customers, and also having a good market knowledge, the company focused on supply specialty chemicals for different industries in Iran.

In 2021, in order to strengthen the supply capabilities in specialty chemicals from the well-known manufacturing companies in World, Santez Group has joined Pars Energy Tamin (P.E.T.) Co. to start a new period of its activities as one of the business units of this company.

About  Pars Energy Tamin Co.

Pars Energy Tamin Company was established in 2005 by its founders with adequate experience in the energy market including Oil, Gas, in the Upstream sections including Wellhead Operations, Production Units, Desalting Plants and Gas Injection Plants.

The company is oriented towards the supply of main equipment and perform services in the above-mentioned areas and enjoying competent managers & staff also having good market knowledge “P.E.T” has been actively involved in various projects and has successfully delivered quality services and packages.

Messages From

Mohammad Advary

Managing Director

Increasing demand for specialty chemicals has become one of the key challenges for customers in maintaining supply chain continuity as companies' production capacity has declined due to the corona (Covid-19) virus.
The emergence of this new challenge comes at a time when buying from safe channels to reduce prices and ensure the authenticity of chemicals has always been a concern for buyers.
Relying on its successful experiences and the international network of suppliers, Pars Energy Tamin Company, through its executive arm, Santez Group can resolve these challenges and meet the needs of customers continuously.

Mohammad Mirzaei

Sales Manager

Increasing competition in domestic and international markets has made the need for sustainable innovation as an inevitable and ongoing necessity and specialty chemicals plays a significant role in improving product capabilities. Despite to this need, barriers to continuous access to these chemicals and lack of technical knowledge to use them in products in order to achieve differentiating, are major challenges to market development of such materials in Iran.
Santez Group as a part of Pars Energy Tamin Co. can resolve these challenges by relying on supply capabilities of these materials from prominent international companies and also having a network of domestic and international technical experts.

You Can Trust Us

Because Our Experienced and Reliable Partner has Authorized Distribution Licences from Well-Known International Companies in Iran and
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The bluechemGROUP (BCG) is a group of companies and a network of distributors with global activities and partners in more than 120 countries.
The group’s success is based on the commitment to lead the automotive industry in developing and patenting performance-optimizing and environmentally-friendly products of the highest quality expanded by modern workshop, industry and service concepts. Continuous innovation, creativity, expertise, strategic operations, global supply chain management and highly motivated employees are the foundation of the bluechemGROUP.
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PRO-TEC is a quality brand belonging to the bluechem GROUP that operates throughout the world. The PRO-TEC brand stands for highly efficient yet environmentally-compatible vehicle chemicals which are developed, tested and manufactured in in-house laboratories, test workshops and production shops. PRO-TEC is available on every continent through a worldwide network of distributors, wholesalers and workshops.
The PRO-TEC success story began in 1988 with a mere handful of products that gradually developed into the household name so famous throughout the world today. With its central focus on car cleaning, car care and car maintenance, the product range is constantly being expanded and adapted to the market.
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